To me music making has a lot to do with cooking for friends. Of course many people subsist on prepackaged fast food nowadays. Or in good society one prepares and cooks a meal and serves the finished product in a stylish dining room. But I prefer to be in my kitchen with my friends, trying out and inventing new recipes.

Likewise if I meet my musical public my cake is not finished. I bring some ingredients with me, others I find on stage and then I try reinvent my cake for those present. Sometimes it turns out better than imagined - miracles happen, that's what one is doing this job for. Occasionally the cake is not what we expected, so we can't wait to return to the kitchen again.

The Repertoire gives some idea about the kitchens supplies and recipes. The Texts report what we found out about some foods. Seems that we have to add much more spices and speed to Beethovens Kreutzer-Sonata. And definitely use less fat, sugar and weight in Beethovens violin concerto…

Why and How was written some years ago in desperation, because many people did not understand what I am looking for. That's much improved now, but Why and How still sits there for a while. Also the many Interviews try to explain what is done and why.

Moldova is where I have my roots in the earth, the wine and the music. I returned sometimes to visit my late grandfather. This text reflects some impressions during a visit with the charity Terre des Hommes.

From Gilles Apaps former website I learned that bad reviews are funnier than good ones, so there they are in the Trashbin. And if the allegiations become too annoying one can reply thanks to the internet. Enjoy!

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