Bach’s Chaconne, with Patricia Kopatchinskaja and Anthony Romaniuk

from the album TAKE TWO: Duets from 1000 years of music history
TAKE TWO was released in October 2015 by Alpha Classics

It is really quite personal: As a soloist I often feel so lonely on tour. For encores I therefore began to collect and play duos, just to have some company.

From this habit grew a repertoire and finally this CD with duos coming from a thousand years of musical history. It starts with Winchester Troper, then Gesualdo, De Machaut, Gibbons, Giamberti, Biber, Bach, De Falla, Martinu, Milhaud, Vivier, Cage, Zykan, it moreover includes several pieces by living composers: Heinz Holliger, Mauricio Sotelo, Leo Dick, Jorge Sanchez-Chiong. The last piece is Bachs Chaconne with an accompaniment improvised on the harpsichord. The recording in the charming Blumenstein Church in the Bernese Oberland was like a big party. I thank my friends for having given time, love and enthusiasm to this enterprise: Reto Bieri (clarinet, violin, ocarina), Laurence Dreyfus (treble viol), Pablo Marquez (guitar), Anthony Romaniuk (harpsichord, toy piano), Jorge Sanchez-Chiong (turntables and electronics), Matthias Würsch (darbuka), Ernesto Estrella (voice).

We dedicate this CD to my nine year old daughter Alice. In the richly illustrated booklet I explain the pieces to her. She contributed thoughts and drawings and she even wrote the text for the surrealistic new composition of Heinz Holliger which is included (“Das kleine Irgendwas”, “The little something”).