Kopatchinskaja Jurowski PROKOFIEV STRAVINSKY

Violin Concertos

London Philharmonic Orchestra

Vladimir Jurowski, conductor
Patricia Kopatchinskaja, violin

LABEL: Naïve, V5352
Release: 14 October 2013

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The Times , 25 October 2013, Geoff Brown
* * * * * (5 out of 5 stars)

“The pungency of her playing is what thrills the most, from the opening chord’s slap in the face through the baroque filigree of the central arias to the finale’s flames of gypsy fire. Jurowski and the LPO bring similar bite to the orchestral component, with each instrumental line clear and glinting. The performance is irresistible, from first to last; so is her brief, playful extra, a self-devised cadenza tossed off, all fingers flying, with the LPO’s leader, Pieter Schoeman.

Prokofiev’s concerto finds these musicians scarcely less nimble. Kopatchinskaja leaps persuasively through the first movement’s folk kaleidoscope and sings beautifully becalmed in the andante. But the biggest triumph is the finale — often a puzzle with its ponderous gaiety, but brilliantly transformed here into something sarcastic, obsessive, almost a dance of death. This is a violinist with something more important to offer than dazzling technique. It’s called character.”


Gramophone, January 2014
featured as a January Gramophone Choice

“One feels that with every phrase she has succeeded in making the concerto her own” [Prokofiev]
“Not to be missed.”


Neue Zürcher Zeitung, 6 November 2014
“Auch auf ihrer neusten CD zeigt sich Patricia Kopatchinskaja als temperamentvolle Ausdrucksmusikerin, welche die Musik mit elektrisierender Spannung auflädt und dabei auch vor fahlen und harschen Tönen nicht zurückschreckt.”

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BBC Radio 3, 14 December 2013
CD review: Critics’ choice of the year

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Classical Music Magazine , December 2013
* * * * * (5 out of 5 stars)

“Bringing her trademark wide-eyed freshness to two of the last century’s great concertos, Kopatchinskaja’s Stravinsky is energetic and lively, technically leaps ahead of most performances on disc. The reading of Prokofiev’s second concerto is darker, less frothy that it can sometimes be, and is none the worse for that. Jurowski’s accompaniment is superbly judged (wonderful wind playing!) and the recording is excellent.”


BBC Music Magazine , January 2014, Martin Cotton
* * * * * (5 out of 5 stars)

“A wonderful disc”

“Stravinsky said that virtuosity played little part in his Concerto, but it’s certainly not short of technical difficulties and the wide-ranging intervals and changes of mood need expert control. Patricia Kopatchinskaja brings that to the work in spades, but she also shatters the image of the work as a neo-classical homage to Bach.”

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International Record Review, February 2014, Mark Pullinger

“Her ever-inquisitive, passionate playing is a welcome breath of fresh air far removed from any sense of routine.”

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Sinfini Music , 1 November 2013, Philip Clark
* * * * * (5 out of 5 stars)

“Ferociously good Stravinsky and Prokofiev”

“Your heart would need to be cast in stone not to be utterly carried along by the itchy curiosity and of-the-essence life-force of this performance.”

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Music Web International, Gwyn Parry-Jones

“I can’t remember when I enjoyed a CD more than this.”

“Patricia Kopatchinskaja is a young Moldovan-born violinist, who is really a stupendous talent. The programme on this disc gives her ample opportunity to display that. From the start, it is clear that there is a lot more to her than glittering technical accomplishment. That quality is present in spadefuls, but is simply used to back up a truly outstanding imagination. She projects the character of these two works exceptionally vividly. The key to this may be suggested by her witty little vignette in the note booklet, where she imagines herself at a masked ball. There she meets two intriguing characters who turn out to be the ‘souls’ of the two concertos on this disc.”

“There is a sense of discovery, of spontaneous re-creation of these two masterpieces. Totally stylish yet wholly new; great playing and a truly outstanding issue.”

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L’Echo, 14 December 2013, Stéphane Renard

“L’archet de ‘PatKop’, enflamme la musique russe”


Fanfare, February 2014

“…she exhibits the dashing precision of a knife thrower in the middle section of Aria I, without sacrificing any of the lyricism in the outer sections of that movement or of the Aria II that follows” …
“She experiments boldly with edgy timbres, only to give way to searing lyricism almost without pause. Whatever else it may do, her performance should keep listeners attentively awaiting the twists and turns of her mercurial temperament.”


Geijutsu Critics Choice, July 2014

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www.myclassicalnotes.com, 1 March 2014, Hank Zauderer

“Patricia Kopatchinskaja finds a percussiveness in this music, but also a wistfulness in her interpretation, and her Russian spirit collide and splinters against the more traditional form of this (Stravinsky) concerto.”