UnknownPatricia Kopatchinskaja joins SPCO as an Artistic Partner this November celebrating her Twin Cities debut.
The SPCO will be the first major American Orchestra to present Patricia Kopatchinskaja in concert.

“As an interpreter I am most interested in communicating the meaning and inner workings of the music I play. Curiosity drives me to explore many different musical frontiers and I’m ready to take the risks that this process entails.” On her appointment as an artistic partner with the orchestra, Kopatchinskaja commented, “I’m thrilled and curious to make music with the SPCO and look forward to exploring new worlds and frontiers with these wonderful musicians.”
– Patricia Kopatchinskaja

Impressions from the first rehearsal


photo credit: Leila NavidiPortrait: “Patricia Kopatchinskaja brings bold ideas to SPCO”
Star Tribune, Kristin Tillotson, 26 November 2014


from TwinCities.com / Pioneer Press, 21 November 2014, Ron Hubbard

“…she launched her tenure as a St. Paul Chamber Orchestra artistic partner by leading an adrenaline-fueled thrill ride of a concert, one that inspired three standing ovations and will doubtless be one of the year’s most memorable concerts in any genre.”

“Rarely will you find a soloist who plunges into the music with such wholehearted abandon. And what fun she is to watch, an unabashedly physical player who crouches, leaps, sways and stamps her bare feet (yes, she performs barefoot), but never comes off as a showboat. Just someone who is giving everything she has to the music.”