Tchaikovsky’s violin concerto: The manuscript and other secrets

I love the Canzonetta. Tchaikovsky wrote to his benefactor Mme von Meck: “The Canzonetta is just wonderful. How much poetry and what longing is in these veiled and secretive sounds!” There is a mysteriously similar old French song which we suppose, Tchaikovsky was inspired while….

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Music by Galina Ustvolskaya, with Patricia Kopatchinskaja, Markus Hinterhäuser and Reto Bieri CD release: 12 September 2014 (USA: 30 September 2014)

Support Stefanie

Support Stefanie

On August 2, 2012 a beautiful friend and wonderful musician Mihaela Ursuleasa passed away. Mihaela is survived by one daughter, Stefanie. If you are looking for a good cause to support, please consider donating to a fund that supports this precious little girl. ROTARY-ÖSTERREICH -FORUM….

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